Bill Brexit & Bobby Gammon

I’m sick of those browns coming stealing our benefits Bill says to Bob. I’m sick of them scrotes stealing our benefits and them disabled’s!

But I don’t mind having surgery for free on the NHS cos I smoke 20 a day, binge drink every weekend and put three for 100 up my conk whenever the wife lets me out.

“More Gammon and Carling Bill?”

“Right you are Bob”

“Another thing Bill, I’m getting really riled with them lot vandalising and trying to knock over our statues, I’m sick of it. It’s usually them paki lovers.”

“You are so right Bob and if anyone says otherwise they should be threatened and attacked on the spot”

Just because we wave our Union jacks it does not mean we are right-wing.

“Bill, you see all them foreigners coming over and stealing our jobs? If I could work I would be picking that fruit and picking up them spuds night and day myself”

“You are correct Bob, they’ve spoilt it, but listen mate, we are going on us hollibobs soon with our wives. I’m reading Majorca has the best Sunday Roast eatery in the whole of Spain, it’s run by a bloke from Morley in Leeds. He also does proper breakfast’s with proper bacon and British butter and has Carling on draft. I wouldn’t mind moving there myself”.

“Good idea Bill”

“I’m glad they got Brexit done though Bob, it’s been like our Independence Day and we have a blue passport to show for it”

Poppy the Bulldog is sitting foaming at the mouth, this could be down to heavy breathing, distress, agitation or anxiety.

“Give him some Carling Bill“

“Great idea Bob. Looking forward to the Jubilee mate?”

“Yes, my son!”

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