The Celtic Jersey

By Macaroon 12th February 2023

It looks as if Paul John Dykes might have struck gold with his latest book The Celtic Jersey.

The gallery and stories of the Celtic jerseys of the past is his fourth publication following on from …

The Quality Street Gang, Smiler and Hoops Stars & Stripes.

Here at HWS, we are nostalgic about all things Celtic from major to minor detail. I and Paul Kealy were recently discussing which hooped tops went with which player and which years, Being the trainspotter I am, I recently decided to invest in all the remakes of the kits I wore as a kid from around 1980. This is why I’m eager to see PJD’s gallery.

“A match worn jersey from virtually every one of the home and away shirt variations worn by the club over the last 90 years”

Paul John Dykes’ second book named Smiler was a tribute to club legend Neilly Mochan. This was also an exciting read, being very well presented with an artistic front cover. The research into this book recording immense detail on Mochan’s life was one of the best I’ve read on Celtic’s past legends.

The Celtic Jersey will be another piece of excellent work. A coffee table book basically shows a gallery of the Celtic jersey, what is not to like; it is a keeper.

Order from Amazon …

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