Snakes, Ladders & Garbage Trucks

Here we go again, the unwanted guest has jumped in the passenger seat. Let’s analyse – paralyse.

Just ignore him, treat him like that old drunken fool who shouts at you in the street. Just think about something else… but this shouting keeps coming the walls go higher.

The unwanted guest is now in the driving seat, your thoughts are on a hamsters wheel. There is a 100 mph garbage truck now being driven round you mind by the unwanted guest.

He’s picking little files from your memory, some of it from two decades ago, most of it is minimal and pointless but anything to make you feel bad about yourself. The file issues are tenfold and the garbage truck is screeching ‘but what if’ and when you try and get the truck to slow down ‘but what if’ springs another pile of garbage at you. The internal lying critic.

Modern Day Plague

Guilt-Fear-Doubt on a hamsters wheel. Let it be, give it space is the only thing to do.

It’s okay again and we’re on a ladder rising to ‘whatever’ with a good and neutral mindset. We must take care of ourselves and keep healthy though to avoid the garbage truck starting his journey. I will be fine, my family will be fine. I’ll get another job if need be. I can use my credit card.

It’s starting again, the cost of living under a greedy hubristic Tory government, it’s on the news it’s already affecting you. Jobs under threat and strikes for better living whilst they push inflation up. Half the adult population on medication. Rising fuel prices, energy companies competing for a better deal for you! Not them, for you. The gas and electricity all comes out the same fuckin pipe but never mind that. And the cyclical starts, we’re falling down the snake …

The unwanted guest is sitting at the bottom in his garbage truck and we fall into the passenger seat and we’re off. Reaching 100 mph … and we are a piece of dog toffee, unloved, useless and it’s all going to go pear shaped. Think of something positive and the garbage trucks wall comes higher and throws more bin bags at us. We always were weak, incoming paranoia. You may as well have weirdo in flashing lights written on your forehead.

Dante’s Inferno

I walk the walk and talk the talk. Been there and I got the t-shirt as well.

You are not on your own.

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