Friday’s IN’s and OUT’s shake it all about


The dance to the dance floor

Necking a whole box of Go Ahead Bars coz it says so.

Being a whopper!

Pilfering from M&S food hall and giving it to the homeless

All the Celtic Adidas gear

Adidas ZX600 trainers rerelease in January if that’s yer thang

Wigan Pies

Reading the Morning Star on the morning commuter train.

Selling a chest ‘o’ drawers

Hot Wigan pie – Nikki Provan

Sonnie Queensdale

Bertie Auld — great man great life

Liam doing Knenworth

Blondie and Johnny Marr gigs

Believing yer John Lennon

Getting into Gabicci in later life

No more Manson mendacity

Having auld friends called Murial

The marvellous Tilly MacGregor

Cakes by Kim Galashiels

Debating the best chippie in Dunfermline

Zipping up yer Boots!

Big Boots Big Toots!

Bowie – Starman full blast on iTunes.

Asking ‘s’appenin?’ on a Conference Call.

Saying ‘Cheers now’ after a Conference Call.

Pulling all yer wheelie bins out so you get the right one

Chucking any rubbish in the nearest wheelie bin

Stuffing rubbish in the neighbors wheelie bin (fuckin Aldo)

Socks for fish

Belting out the Steve Gerrard (fell on his arse) song


Programs like Homes under the Hammer and “we’ve only got £400,000 to play with” type of quotes.

Nom Nom

Skinny jeans on fat hipsters

Any song by Meat Loaf

“So I turned around and I said” back-to-back conversations

“It is what it is”


Those Twiglets

“He/she will be up there having a party” comment at a funeral wake

Alex Rae and other SEVCO cranks

The neighbour calling me Aldo

Getting texts telling you you’ve won a Diet Coke if you … sign up to …’

Getting a leaflet through the door every two days for Dominos Pizza!

Anxiety stigma ‘why don’t you just set yourself a 30 minutes worry period a day’

The ‘price of a pint’ attitude ae life

Toady from neighbours

Taking quizzes seriously

Blokes that would shag the barbers floor

Blowies for beak type lassie’s

SEVCO and dodgy decisions

“The accident you were in” call

Saying “honestly,” before telling a blatant lie.

That’s it for this week. Switch everything aff at night … Mirror signal manoeuvre and off ye go. ❤️

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