Fantasia Sevconia

We have had the International week and for some this can be a drag but you can always rely on the lap top loyal to run stories of fantasy.

The rumour that refuses to go away consists of SEVCO manager Gerrard to Newcastle. Now as they saying goes, say it enough times and well you know the rest. Just keep talking it up.

So, Newcastle about to be the richest football club in the world seems to trust their hunderds of millions of pounds worth of transfer kitty to a guy that has, by and large, spent every single pound of his current club had on one trophy?

That’s One trophy in nine after a Celtic team totally collapsed last season. Sevco fans can dress it up as much as they want but spending over £40m borrowed money and one trophy, in Scotland is a scandal.

Callum Davidson at St Johnstone has won two in one season, when it took Gerrard three to bank one.

Now the funds and borrowing has stopped after the desperation of stopping 10-in-a-row, there is no millions left in the kitty and Gerrard isn’t happy.

Gerrard’s assistant manager Gary McAllister: “The thing is, since we have been here there has been speculation and links to several clubs. That’s part and parcel of being a high profile manager. A high profile manager that’s done pretty well here.

“Winning the league last season was decent.”

So that’s “pretty well here?” One trophy in three years? £40m for one trophy?

Done “pretty well” for a Rangers manager? Why is no one in the Scottish media challenging this dross?

Take Ronny Delia for example who won two trophies in his first season and was denied the opportunity of a treble by a poor officiating display, yet he was hounded by the media hacks!

When the Scottish main stream media cannot even be bothered to do their jobs correctly is it any wonder fans turn to fan media or bloggers in this day and age?

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