Not a Beautiful Sunday

The shocking standard of officiating in Scotland became exposed yesterday. Celtic fans have been left absolutely incensed. Our fans have been accused of only complaining about refereeing standards when we lose or draw a game. Yesterday that trend has been bucked and rightly so.

At a time when VAR is being looked at as a potential future option for the Scottish game, the hoops fans have witnessed two of the most atrocious displays of refereeing this season in yesterday’s games.

First up was Mr Madden who took charge of Celtic’s 2-1 win over Aberdeen yesterday.

Celtic had 62% of the possession yesterday, yet Madden managed to give 27 fouls against the Hoops.

It seemed every touch on an Aberdeen player was a foul. Every 50-50 was another free kick. It felt as though the Celtic attack in particular couldn’t play a high press game because any touch was blown up.

The other side of the coin rests on the fact that Aberdeen only committed 10 fouls. Could you honestly watch that game yesterday and say we were a lot more physical than the Dons? Of course not.

Then again, there was something even more scandalous to come at Ibrox a few hours later.

Hibernian were cruising in Govan after an early goal from Kevin Nisbet. But just when it looked as though they were taking something? Up steps, Walsh to send off Ryan Porteous to win the most ridiculous refereeing decision of the campaign.

Was it even a booking? But eyebrows will now rightly be raised as to why Walsh was so quick to get the red card out. It left you seriously inquisitive as to whether the same outcome would have been decided up the other end of the park.

This is a season in which a treasure trove is up for stake given the winners of the league will automatically qualify for the Champions League. Yet we have officials making game-changing decisions like this and getting them openly erroneous.

Incidentally, Walsh has sent off six players in the last seven SEVCO games he has refereed; I don’t need to tell you that none of them was SEVCO players

So now as we leave project stop the 10 and enter into project pay off their bills we are seeing the two-faced application of the laws of the game.

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