The Modern Day Plauge – update 2022

By Ste Carter 22/11/19

Growing up in the ‘70s I didn’t actually know any who ended their life – it was only strange faraway people who yer mam vaguely knew.

Fast forward 45 years and there’s a biblical plague forstered upon us.

I often read the ‘post this to show someone’s listening’ posts and feel that, while they are wholly worthy that they are a cry in the dark from those of us who are blighted and unable to respond to forces beyond our control.

My own view is that this plague has roots in things that we can help to heal if not cure.
The plague is overwhelmingly male, though not exclusively.

In my view it comes from alienation, pressure to conform and disassociation from modern life.


Some of it comes from the fact that we have stolen the futures of our young – where is the social housing? Why are they bankrupt on leaving University? Why are there no lifelong apprenticeships? Why has the state seemingly/abandoned this generation while it panders to the old with ideas like Brexit?

Some of it also comes from the portrayal of totally unreal ‘perfect’ lives and the pressure to conform to them on social media ? Irony alert, you say?

Some of it also comes from the alienation people feel. As we become more digitally ‘connected’ we are more socially separated in reality.

I don’t have answers here, only questions – we need to change but people keep voting for a continuance of the same thing – manipulated by the old media influences.

Maybe the ultimate irony is that they will die and we’ll all be saved by the new.

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