Friday Ins and Outs 50th Celebrations


Squashing mash potatoes into your  Mums shoes.

Deep House tinnitus amongst the over 40s and 50’s.

The Sun Queen

The standing section at Parkhead

Getting it right roon yiz!

Woody Allen-style corduroy suits

Singing Wonderwall down the pub with the auld boys after playing doms. 

Talking in ‘The Irishman’ style “It is what it is”

That Rotter Reece Mogg and his buffoon Boris

Cameron Diaz for black mutt provoking Scottish winters.

Being a whopper.

Asking the barman for a drink that awe the young yins drink these days!

Pint of Tenants down in two gulps.

Pogoing to Yeke Yeke with yer buddies.

Blasting the rebs on a Glesga bus.

Rubbing noses with yer dog and calling him an arsehole!

Stevie ‘let’s go’ bus – under you go.

Being 50

Awe the hings an that!

Weatherall’s full collection.

Holywell Street t-shirt.

A cirry oan wi a cirry oot.




Steven ‘let’s go’ Gerrard.

Annoying Oasis getting back together opinions.

Biffa Bacon – Bully Beef types.


Herrenvok Hubris

The quote: ‘what’s for you, won’t go by you’

Folk with the ‘price of a pint’ attitude to life

Anxiety stigma number 244: ‘why don’t you set yourself a worry period of 30 minutes a day?

Last train roasters.

Three days beer fear!

Losing Weatherall.

Horizontal freezing rain or sleet (still)

Being stuck on a train with sevconian moonholwers either side

The Voice (cringe fest)

Leaflets through the door every two days for dominoes pizza.

Dancing on ice (cringe fest)

5p a bag

A leg and a wing up the road after a cirry oan wi Kealy.

Lickspittle poninjays

Stiff arms twats.














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