Monday’s ins and outs instead of Friday. Not on the telly, HWS platform only, in out … shake it all about


Growing a Jeremy Corbyn beard.

Castlemilk’s finest.

Liam Gallagher’s Celtic Supporters Club.

Francie back at Celtic Park.

The marvellous Eadi Hunter

Necking a whole box of Go Ahead Bars.


Putting all yer wheelie bins out at once so they get the correct one.

A wanna be Edouard song!

Johnny Marr being a Tim.

Saying ‘Cheers now!!’ as you leave the workplace!

Shouting ‘it’s maself’ as entering the workplace!!

The Tiswas theme tune revamped.

Starring at the the tropical fish in Dobbies.

Stocking up on BURLINGTON socks.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Reading the Morning Star on the commuter train.

All the smashing fellas and lassies.

Aff the sauce.

Wim Hoff method – cold showers.

Shaun Ryder necking a whole box of Zantec.

Having a sideways glance walking passed the Agent Provocateur Shop in Glasgow.



Black mutt provoking weather.

Current Buns nipping at heals.

The price of a chippie!

The big bloke of The Chase!

Toady from Neighbours!

Bully Beefs.

Biffa Bacon types!

Hipsters with wee pony tail on beard.

Fascist bassas.

Modern day soccer tourist clubs.

Any song by Simply Red.

Morrissey – attention seeking plum!

People dressing up as a poppy!

Folk who say ‘I’m not being funny but …’

Obligatory airport pint photos!


The quote ‘think positive things and positive will happen!’ Aye!!?

Having a ‘wee cheeky Nando’s’ or ‘wee cheeky pizza’ type comments.

‘Flight booked for hollibobs’ attitude to life quotes.

Not being able to find Brannigans Ham and Mustard crisps.

That’s awe the hings an that.  Read it, report it, embrace it but keep on Keeping on. Eat yer greens and turn aff everything at night. 


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