Feeling the Fear

by Macaroon 11/08/19

Call it Sunday or a pending Monday musings. The day after, the beer fear or the depressing summer weather.

These days seem to be the start of the week the pending doom and the ‘what if’ thoughts.


It seems the human brain is wired to be depressed or anxious and we must find our own peace in modern day times, but what if it was just as easy to obsess over good thoughts rather than negative thoughts? I mean if part of it’s supposed to chemical then surely the chemical imbalance could work the reverse? Easier said than done, I know.  I want to touch more on anxiety here although it’s sister depression does overlap with it.

FEAR! This is where anxiety starts and of course for a lot of people worry.

If you knew you could probably handle ANYTHING that came your way , what would you possibly have to Fear?

The answer is: NOTHING!

I know you are probably not jumping up and down for joy just yet, but believe me when I say this is good news and advice. What I’m trying to put over is you can handle all your fears (and this includes myself) without having to control anything in outside world. This should come as tremendous relief if I really was the voice of reason but I’m not, however I will continue with food for thought. Now, you don’t have to control what your friends do, what your children do or what your boss does. You don’t have to control what happens in an interview or what happens in your career or what happens with your money.

All you have to do to diminish your fear is to develop more trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way!

This is critical. From this moment on , every time you feel afraid, remind yourself that it is simply because you are not feeling good enough about yourself. But put this on a post-it-note wherever you want, stick it on the fridge FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY or another one I’LL HANDLE IT.

I often ask myself why we have so little trust in ourselves I’ve also been asked the question from others. I don’t really know the answer to that. I know that some fear is with our instinct much like anxiety this keeps us alert to trouble. The rest – the part that holds us back from personal growth  – is inappropriate and destructive, and could be blamed on our conditioning.


Remember stick this on a post-it-note and onto the fridge or in every drawer. I can hear the doubting Thomases out there saying, “oh come on now how do you handle cancer or the death of a child”  I understand your scepticism. I was and can still be a doubting Thomas myself. I feel the negative feelings but give yourself a winning chance and you will find yourself coming closer and closer to self to a high level of self-confidence that you will begin to realize you can handle anything that comes your way. Never let these three words out of your mind  – probably the most important three little words you’ll ever hear:


Obviously , the real issue has nothing to do with fear itself but, rather, how we hold fear and the perception. For some people fear is totally irrelevant. For others, it creates a state of paralysis. The former hold the fear from a position of power (choice, energy and action), and the latter hold it from a position of pain (helplessness, depression, and paralysis). These are both okay I’m not coming from the angle of weakness or strength in any of this.


To move ourselves to a position of pain to power is where we want to be. The fact we still have the fear is irrelevant – it is ok to feel fear.

I’ve mentioned Power. There are a lot of people and this includes myself who don’t quite like the concept of power and I want no part of it. In todays world especially ‘power’ has negative undertones. It often implies control over others, and, unfortunately, is often misused.

The kind of power I am talking about is entirely different. In fact, it makes you less manipulative of those around you, and certainly more loving. I’m talking about power within the self. This means power of perceptions of the world where we look at things from different angles, thinking in grey areas instead of always black and white. Power of how we react to certain situations in our lives, power to do what is necessary for your own self-growth, satisfaction inlife and power to act and power to love. It is your own power within I’m getting at. It is not and egomania, but a healthy love self-love. In fact egomaniacs have absolutely no feeling of power – thus their compelling need to control anyone around them. Fill your self with self-compassion and that is also a way of giving you that very power.

If everybody feels fear when approaching something totally new in life or in general then we must conclude the FEAR IS NOT THE PROBLEM. It is how we hold the fear, the fear is totally irrelevant.

Have a good week folks.


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