Sound of the Crowd (CSG No1)


Get around town, get around town
Where the people look good, where the music is loud
Get around town, no need to stand proud
Add your voice to the sound of the crowd.

Celtic Glasgows Miles Better

Going with our subculture theme and ’80s terrace vibe, Scottish casual lassies came together through that very scene.  Unlike the mod, punk, rocker ladies, the casual girl didn’t get as much exposure but they were certainly there as much as the other scenes.

Choo choo went for the “talent”; Katie for a fight with the nearest current bun.  Diane and I were a mixture of both, but ultimately we all served the same purpose within the CSC to be one of the boys.  Being accepted by a group of boys (we were all teenagers) was no mean feat.  Being ever present at home and away matches from season 1985/86 and our love of Glasgow Celtic sealed the deal.  

Some of the lads disliked girls at the football, some admired us but the majority want to kiss us, which would happen on occasion if were the “winch them” to fool the polis, or disguise the fact that they were steaming.

Diane used to go out with Tonto, he lived with his mum in Pollokshaws and we would play the Beastie Boys “You gotta fight, for your right, to PPAARRTTYY”.

Other than dressing like the boys (but with a female edge – see flares and cartoon duffel coats).  Our pastel Gazelle trainers we would swap one shoe with each other for a laugh, this happened mainly in the Main Stand at Celtic Park once we’d fooled the St John’s ambulance from taking us from the Jungle to get treatment for a “sprained ankle”, aye right we came from the Stand.  Us girls were useful to keep the edgy and give our mob the heads up from other mobs approaching.

This was most effective as Celtic were, renowned for owning the town at that point.  Our gang hut being the Queen Street phone boxes were the huns and us would call each other from.  No mobiles back then we were just street smart.  

Choo choo (as she was known for talking 100 miles per hour) was a livewire always joking around.  Katie on the other hand could take on the blokes as much as the next guy and she did.  We had varied styles Choo choo opting for Benetton and Katie the leather/suede tunic.  Diane and I would co-ordinate with Next cagoules and Fiorucci/Mexx tops, mostly purchased at the same time on a Saturday afternoon but in different colours that we would share.  We often got the catalogues, Matinique being my favourite and put the posters on our wall.

As the seasons we went past, we were treating more like their sisters, often helping with relationship advice, or on some unfortunate occasions taking them to the Royal Infirmary.

My most memorable game has to be Rangers vs Celtic new year’s day 1986 mainly because me and Diane hid in her bed and listen to on the radio, avoiding her Dad who was annoyed with us as we were promoting nightclubs underage (Mardi Gras/Warehouse).  We won 2-0 that day.

The best dash being after Celtic won the league at Love Street in 1986 and stole it off Hearts and we ran Rangers all over town after we got back from Love Street, no LSD that day ……

The ICF didn’t know what hit them and it was the talk of the Queen Street phone boxes for months.

Celtic did embrace girls from other mobs (not the huns though). Nikki came along with (Rusty top boy and boyfriend).  Our first meeting was in 1986 standing outside the Country Corner.  Me with the blonde boys wedge haircut with the her best friend Diane. Rusty introduced us. 

The Country Corner

I think it was 1985?.  They were both at the Hearts vs. Celtic game Tynecastle on a Wednesday night, all stood under stood by the pylon floodlights (at the height of the AIDS scare); Nikki and Rusty were together as always (inseparable).  At that point Hearts were determined to give her a hard time over the fence as Nikki defected!  Nikki still Hearts loyal, caused massive problems back in the day.  CSG gave it back but it got too much and us girls walked away.  We did had the first of many CSG girl group hugs over the years, such is the bond with the casual girls.

One school night me Nikki, Diane and Co. Edinburgh again. This time against Hibs right proper kick off.  Nikki with her half bar down her duffle coat, that wasn’t required as JOK saved the day. I was running all over the place.

Other mobs had girls too, most notably Sharon and Julie of Rangers who were ruthless in the pursuit of us girls to the point where they would show up on your doorstep.  This happened to me once after school, no violence occurred by I held my ground verbally.

The violence side wasn’t restricted to the boys, we would get stuck in too.  Katie being the instigator I would throw a punch and hide behind her.  Although I did come a cropper once at Motherwell and was rag dolled with the dungaree straps.

Most of all both we are glad we experienced being a lassie casual as it keeps you grounded to this day, best of all we are still good friends to this day.


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