Fairground attraction

Celtic celebrated their centenary year 1988 with a double winning season securing the Fine Fare Premier Division by beating Dundee at Dens Park and the Scottish Cup final against Dundee United at Hampden. A day to remember.

Both crucial games that season, the 3-0 win over Dundee gave Celtic the title in front of a crowd that was officially recorded as 60,800 (most estimates put the figure nearer 70,000) the win secured by a Chris Morris goal and an Andy Walker double.


The Scottish cup final was no walk in the park initially trailing 1-0 to Dundee United.  Frank McAvennie who had not scored in months made his mark by offering a 76th minute equalizer then last gasp winner sealed the double.

Celtic Glasgows Miles Better

“Perfect” released by Eddie Reader and her band Fairground attraction on 28 March 1988 became the Celtic chant.

It was the first first single the band made and, coming from a council estate it was a big deal with being on Top of the Pops and all that stuff.   When her welder dad talked about how he’d be watching a football game and when the Celtic fans started signing start singing ‘It’s got to be-e-e-e-e-e – Celtic’ to the tune of Perfect, he said “‘Aye, ye finally made it, hen.’”

This has been sung religiously at most Celtic games since.

The annual event in Glasgow Green the “Shows” was awash with both casuals from both sides of the City …..

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