Friday Ins and Outs


The Celtic Adidas get-up

Kylie still rocking it

Weatherall’s 11 o’clock drop

Arthur Brownlow ex Crossroads — great man great life

HWS Peter Hooton upcoming interview

Sun Queen

CSC past and present

Cooking with Amanda

King Kebab Inverkeithing

So fuck selfie, attitude to life

The marvellous David Rosling

HWS Towers new office

Saying “er she/he is though” to everyone that walks into yer workplace.

Walking into work shouting “it’s maself”

South Gyle Smile

Ena Sharples legend

Smoking out fash and smoking like a fish

Cameron Diaz coming out of lockdown

Paps guarding statues wearing Castore

Milkshaking Fash at every opportunity

BLM end of!

Hugging yer shrink tightly

Singing: Painter Man — by Boney M in a social distancing beer garden with yer buddies

A Beard Garden, you only get in with a Beard.


Alf Stewart from Home & Away

Hipster Man Bun Gin drinkers

Stevie “Mr lets go” Gerrard

Walter (no surname) attending training with “Mr let’s go”

Empty football stadiums

Soul destroying Scottish peak summer storms.

VAR – Football’s swotty tell tale prefect


Jeffrey Epstein’s upcoming plea bargaining

“wowzers” still being said

“Nom Nom”

“I’m going on my hollibobs” not even funny

Union Jack hanging over the balcony roasters on holiday

Nazis calling Nazis Nazis …Nazis

Walking into cobwebs in the morning

Gammon Football lads.

People with a “price o a pint” attitude ae life


Head-mash situations with head-mash people.

Black dug running wild in teens and every f**ker else!

The Sun newspaper.

The Daily Mail newspaper.

Anything by Meat Loaf especially that:  ‘I won’t do that’ lyric

That Simply Red song: “Lovvvve the thought … lovvvve the thought!” lyric

That’s that then!  Love it or leave it, delete it, report it, avoid it or embrace it.  Have a decent weekend.  Switch off everything at night.

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