Super Leigh.

As a good friend said …

Just a boy from the streets, with practiced magic in his feet!

By Holywell Street 13th Dec 2018


If you really know Leigh Griffiths he’s a down to earth, working class lad. A lad from the street, a guy that has time for people going through hardship. He’d reach out to help. Always the first to reach out to kids never forgetting where he comes from with help and encouragement.  

He’s done outstanding in his career but also outstanding in his help in the community.

Addiction and Mental Health can affect anyone, at anytime. Depression does not discriminate. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But we’re confident that his character and strength will get him through these hard times with our support.

Calling all Celtic fans: 

Sunday 16th December we visit Easter Road where we’d like to do a joint tribute with the Hibernian fans. He’s a hero to both clubs. It’s fitting that we play each other at this time. 

He played number 9 for both teams.  In the 9th minute of Sunday’s match we’re asking the Celts to raise a tribute with the rest of the stadium to our hero!  

So on 9th minute we’ll raise our voices together to let him know we stand in solidarity with him at this difficult time and sing …

“He’s one of our own .. he’s one of our own … Leigh Griffiths… he’s one of our own “


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