Uppers & Downers.

Feast yer eyes. 1, 2, 3, 4 …


By Holywell Street 10th December 2018


Mind the Gap!

Kris Boyd’s face on Saturday.

Stevie Turncoat Gerrards face on Sunday.

Liam Gallagher liking your Tweet.

Liam’s Love Celtic’s T-shirt

Doner Kebab when sloshed.

The George & POP Rebs tune.

Day’s out not Nights out!

The Football Lads & Lassies against Fascism, movement.

Ma pal Francie McCann.

Great pals – old and new.

Double Treble … Treble Treble.

Stocking up on berroca.

FB Snides throwing out fishing bait to attract wrong un’s.

The odd Cameron Diaz.

Brendans toothy smile.

Double dropping Berroca.

Googling yer own name.

Filling yer Mums shoes with mashed potato.

Yer Manager saying ‘cheers now’


Photo Booths at Weddings.

People who say: ‘so I turned round and said …’


SDL members with teeth like a fruit loaf!

Wee black-mutt visits when the weather changes.

Any song by Simply Red

The quote ‘I’m not a racist but …’

Doing the job of three folk.

Mental Health Stigma #122 ‘choose to be happy!’

Tommy Gammon Robinson.

People believing Gammon Robinson.

Every lickspittle comment on The Appretince.

Kinning Park Rowing Club away ticket allocation.


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