The In’s and Out’s revolution will not be televised, social media outlets only. IN OUT shake it all about with David Rosling productions.


Walking into work and askin ‘s,appenin?’

Sober weekends

Cold water exposure

Walking into work and saying ‘here he is tho!’

Timberland & Burlington on a permanent basis.

Boiled eggs; spinach; avocado!

Being Celtic.

Yer manager saying ‘tho’

Pickled ingin not onion!

Collecting Mac Jackets.

Happy Monday’s – Hallelujah remix full blast!

Boxing yer Black Mutt away!

Staring at the Tropical Fish in Dobbies.

Simple Minds new Album.

Telling people ‘they ain’t seen nothing yet!’

Asking the Barman for a drink that all the young yins drink these days!

People who pil-fridge from M&S Food shop.

Justifying necking a whole box of Go Ahead Bars!

Aldo’s Hot Dogs.

Any record by Harry Lauder!

A flag on behalf of good lads!

Asking ‘s’appenin?’ on a Conference Call.

Saying ‘Cheers now’ after a Conference Call.

Liam Gallagher getting the Rebs on!

Testing all the aftershaves in Debenhams.

Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss

Smoking out racists on social media.

Diet Irn Bru.

The Ange on top of the world song.

Zipping up yer Boots!

Big Boots Big Toots!

Coxy on Radio Two

Bowie – Starman full blast on iTunes.

Professor Yaffle


Did you call ma pint a poof’ sloshed types in the boozer.

Fuckin crinkled beetroot!

Cost of living

The saying ‘true dat’

Folk with a ‘we arra’ attitude ae life.

Miserable Scottish Winters

Barry Ferguson

Three cold callers in the space of twenty mins.

Nom Nom, yummy scrummy types!

Tory voters complaining about cuts!

The new Leeds United badge.

Media spin, fantasy football transfer figures!

Keyboard warrior football lads.

Rugger buggers, squaddies, SEVVIE’s

Getting texts telling you you’ve won a Diet Coke if you … sign up to …’

Getting a leaflet through the door every two days for Dominos Pizza!

Anxiety stigma ‘why don’t you just set yourself a 30 minutes worry period a day’

Black Mutt provoking horizontal sleet/snow/Covid

The Voice… f*ckin cringefest!


People slurping yogurt on the train, scooping with the silver lid.

Sevconian Moon Howlers.


5p a bag!

£75 average for Adidas OG’s.

Getting asked if you want a bag!

That’s awe the thangs for this week. Be kind to each other, hug yer brers. Have a beer or Crack a fascist on the ear!

Divint take it serious. Cheers Now. Eat yer porridge, eat yer greens. Look for peace and not excitement. Get into a Boxing Club. Block toxic folk.

Come and visit at Holywell Street and meet the team, bring awe yer mates.

*HWS Towers is situated at 95 Holywell Street, next to Celtic Park get yersel roond. Paul Kealy cooks Jerk Chicken at the office to perfection.

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