“The Conservative Party is an organised hypocrisy” – Benjamin Disraeli

By Phil Thornton 5th July 2022

Sometimes it’s easy to see why some people become so utterly sickened and frustrated with the political system that they retreat from society.

The communes and squats of the 60s, 70s and 80, now seem almost quaint as we are corralled into house ownership and then entrapped by mortgage repayments and the demands of keeping a home warm and safe and furnished and people fed and clothed and cars fuelled and serviced and repaired.

We have been slowly but surely taken over by the banking system enabled by digital technology and a political system that has absolved its responsibilities to the bankers and their bag men in the city.

There is NO escape from direct debits and on line payments, cards and plastic currency – even if you wanted to avoid it you couldn’t unless ofcourse you are totally self sufficient.

The communal life seems appealing as we reach the final end game of modern capitalism. These Etonian morons in charge of the country are only the latest bunch of self serving parasites urging we lesser mortals to do as they say not as they do.

THEY can lie and cheat and sexually assault people and claim obscene expenses and blag wallpaper and treehouses from donors and take cocaine and get caught getting a nosh and taking bribes to give their pals knighthoods and peerages and medals because they have brought up to believe they are invincible.

As the west rattles around showing off it’s muscles, the fact is however enlarged NATO becomes and however much the west spends on ‘defence’ the old empire is dying before us. War is always a way out for the capitalist class – it worked in 1914 when the spectre of the Bolsheviks haunted the wealthy elites. These same elites encouraged the fascists and Nazis as long as they didn’t come after THEIR dough.

All this would be bearable if our mass media would atleast allow real debate and a range of opinions that truly challenged their state narrative but the hypocrisy runs so deep that the BBC have a department devoted to exposing ‘fake news’ even as it skews its own nauseating propaganda.

There’s no turning back from the upcoming collapse as western capitalism seeks to cream off as much as it can before the entire state structure collapses in on itself.

There are now almost 9 million people in the UK classified as “economically inactive” that is not in work but not claiming unemployment benefit.

These hidden millions are never mentioned when our media and politicians boast about record rates of employment (a five hour shift as an agency worker in a warehouse – you have a CAREER!).

I used to work for ONS and saw with my own eyes how the stats were fiddled and a narrative created that was favourable to the government of the day – first under Major and then Blair.

When everything around you is a lie or a manipulation of the truth how can we even begin to argue otherwise? We can call out their hypocrisies and lies and corruption but in the end Johnson and Raab and Patel and Gove and all the other slimeballs will end up richer than ever and content that their revolting names will last as a testament to their evil.

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