Friday IN and OUT shake it all about with David Rosling enterprises

IN …

Chewing chuddy and drinking coke.

Nazi’s getting a cricket baw nose in Wishaw.

ickle ickle ickiling by Harry Lauder

Choo Choo’s nail bar

Dan the old Kent Road … Dan the Old Kent Road

Being a roadie for young Stevie Dodds in Lochgelly.

Pogoing to Yeke Yeke

SEVCO fans dookin for wasps!

Cold Water exposure

Saffiyah Khan.

Berocca and Avocado

Restoring yer classic adidas trainers.

St Pat the Dog

Pil payin pitba pum! (explanation given if required)

Losing it on a Friday afternoon.

Wearing the deerstalker hat in the workplace.

Pop Doodle instead of Pot Noodle.

Supping tea with Ross McKenzie.

Disco lifts by Shaun Kelly

Reading the bible in the bath.

Kellogg’s advert ‘it’s gonna be grrreat!’

Two hats in one day.

St Pats Fenian Band


Ruth Davidson

Song Lyric ‘the eye of the tiger, Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me rooaaaar!’

90’s Hard Core Rave Music! (never in)

Morrissey and his attention seeking right-wing rants.

Gary Barlow.

People blaming the ‘winny works’ for today’s society problems.

Depression stigma number 300 ‘eat fruit’ by I’m alright Jack!

Mental Health Stigma number 310 ‘choose to be happy!’

The Sun Newspaper!

Heating or eating choices


Throbbers on holiday with Union Jack hanging over balcony.

Billy Campbell types from Norn Iron.

When folk ask ‘happening’ instead of ‘what’s happening?’

Black dog.

Guys wearing a t-shirt saying ‘I don’t need to google’ plastered over the front!

Jammy Tribute Acts.

Bully Beefcakes.

restyled adidas Jeans trainers.

Blowies for Beak

The day after the day after … Beer fear!

Hangsxiety Beer Fear

Bobby Madden pandering to SEVCO NINJA ASSASSIN’s

Roasters in Town who kick off after a stripe

The ‘My life is so perfect’ crowd on Facebook!

Nazi Hipsters.

That’s that! Keep on the Tramazi and the Cameron Diaz. Hug yer brers. Cheers now!! Never let yer public down … spin them right round, like a record baby right round. Remember … mirror, signal, manoeuvre and on ye go.

Any complaints speak to the HWS team at 94 Holywell Street next door to Celtic park (see below). Or come and visit us. Get Yersel’s roond.

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