The INs and OUTs revolution will not be televised, social media outlets only. It’s Friday, it’s early.. IN OUT shake it all about with David Rosling Bus Tours


Walking into work and askin ‘s,appenin?’

Diet Irn Bru

Losing 4lb on the January Joggers.

Walking into work and saying ‘here he is tho!’

The Marvellous Kevin Sharp

Timberland & Burlington on a permanent basis.

Boiled eggs; spinach; avocado!

Being Celtic.

Sensational SEVCO 3-0 gubbings.

Yer manager saying ‘tho’

Pickled ingin not onion!

Collecting Mac Jackets.

Being a Whopper!

Happy Monday’s – Hallelujah remix full blast!

Boxing yer Black Mutt away!

Staring at the Tropical Fish in Dobbies.

Simple Minds new Album.

McCoy’s sizzling King Prawn.

Wearing Farahs and Cornish Pasty shoes in the workplace.

Wearing a different hat each day.

Saying ‘cheers now’ as you leave work.

Paul Heaton.

Getting lighter at 4 o’clock


‘Did you call ma pint a poof’ sloshed types in the boozer.

White chocolate cream eggs!

Fuckin crinkled beetroot!

The saying ‘true dat’

Folk with a ‘we arra’ attitude ae life.

Miserable Scottish Winters!

Three cold callers in the space of twenty mins.

Nom Nom, yummy scrummy types!

Tory voters complaining about cuts!

Media spin, fantasy football transfer figures!

Keyboard warrior football lads.

Through by Aye!

Rugger buggers!

Mental Health stigma.

Waiting in queues at the Bar.

Bellahouston Boat Club.

January and February miserable weather.

Wrecking yer adidas trainers in crap weather.

Plastic bags costing 5p.

Caffeine comedowns.

Watching yer diet.

Boy Racers – elbow out the window, massive exhaust and shitty sunglasses.

Grassing fascist bar-stewards!

Squaddies having a shindig.

Running out of chocolate.

And that’s awe that an that for this week.

Divint take it serious. Cheers Now. Eat yer porridge, eat yer greens. Look for peace and not excitement. Get into a Boxing Club. Block toxic folk.

Come and visit at Holywell Street and meet the team, bring awe yer mates.

*HWS Towers is situated at 95 Holywell Street, next to Celtic Park (see below) get yersel roond.

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