Friday INs and OUTs in conjunction with David Rosling Bus Tours …


Sneezing after necking yer ham with full strength mustard sarnie.

Playing yer vinyl.

Back to the footie.

Aff the booze again.

Two little Ducks, 22, quack quack.

People who pilferage food from M&S to give to the homeless.

End of January and blootering the black dog.
Lads in ski-hats at the footie.

Pottering around yer shed and creating a man-cave.

Having a licence to swagger.

Calling the Mrs ‘Duck’

Aquascutum winter range.

The ‘just eat’ app.

Priya Sharma from Emmerdale (mere you)

Johnny Marr being a Tim.

David’s Bus Tours.

Wearing ski-hat in the hoose.


Swerving the Dog Toffee in Rosyth whilst out doing the Fitbit.

The Scottish Press believing Barry Ferguson has important things to say.

Donald Trumpet and other fascist Bampots.

Toady from Neighbours.

Tight American football style, Modern day replica footie tops.

Cancer (never in)

Depression/Anxiety(never in)

Spending £100 in Asda on diddly-squat!

Chris Graham – Gin and Bitter Lemon.

The cost of living.

Couples sitting in restaurants on their smart phones.

People bumping into you with their Starbucks whilst on their smart phones.

Freezing weather!

Cold calling bampots ‘the accident you were in’

Leaflets through the door promoting ‘funeral costs’ wtf!

Kinning Park Rowing Club banter.

That’s it for now. Divint take it serious. Cheers Now. Eat yer porridge, eat yer greens. Look for peace and not excitement. Get into a Boxing Club. Block toxic folk.

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre and on ye go. Keep on Keeping on!

Come and visit at Holywell Street and meet the team, bring awe yer mates.

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