Shake it all about time, Friday INs and OUTs assisted by David Rosling a valuable addition to the editorial team.

The revolution will not be televised!


The return of the Kinning Park Circus

Stevie “Don’t Ask Me Silly Questions” Gerrard

Black jumper, blue breeks combo

Gold Star broon sauce

Workin on yer inner peace

Home made soup at meetings

Kyogo’s hair

Last Christmas I gave ye ma heart songs

Dark chocolate Bounty’s

Plenty of sauce n salad on yer kebab


Adidas Earlham

Gettin yer swagger back

Pitta Gyros

The wonderful Paul Gallagher

Twitter pals

Other IN’s

A Roll with fritters and brown sauce


Ye all-time greats

Having auld freends cawed Muriel

Building a chist ‘o’ drawers

Showing yer chist on top of a chist ‘o’ drawers

Charlton and the wheelies and the magic roundabout wallpaper

Adidas kick kicking

Having a chat fest with yer cat

’70s moving with a grooving

Return of roller skate discos at the Barras in yer 50’s

Iceland’s range of Barrett’s auld school range of ice lollies

The marvellous James Gemmell


Grown men wi cardboard cut oots

Bernard Higgins

COP26 nonsense

Tesco’s sandwich game

Dippin chips in ice cream

Squid game

99p Wispa Gold hazelnut

Broon noses

HP broon sauce

The black dug

The price of fuel

Lack of supermarket crisps

Tory bastards

“Tommy” not getting his chicken wings

Adverts popping up on articles you try to read online


“Tommy’s” beard

Manson attitudes to life

Whisky Nose McCulloch

Being stuck on a train with squaddies, rugger buggers or sevconian’s.

Thinking you are “Guru”

Gathering up football lads then not turning up.

West Ham becoming more West Gammon

Sunday football

Boring Oasis reunion opinions

Turn everything aff at night … Mirror signal manoTurneuvre and off ye go. ❤️

Any complaints speak to Angie or Paul Kealy.

Holywell Street offices are located at 110 Holywell Street next to Celtic park. Come along and see us.

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