Ins and Outs

Not on the telly only on HWS platforms, in out shake it all about!


Lockdown story writing


Neil Lennon

Pinky out espresso drinking

Weatherall’s 11 o’clock drop

Ye auld Twisters

Paul Heaton — great man, great life

Dressing like an Afghan Hound during lockdown

Cleaning all your Adidas shoes while isolating

Magnum ice cream plain or mint

Doddsy’s social media Rebel nights

Two offices on Holywell Street after lockdown

Voodoo Ray pumped up on iTunes

Saffiyah Khan coming to HWS



Gareth McAuley

Toady from Neighbours

Gerrard arrogance personified

“It is what it is”

”everything happens for a reason” cosmic forces crap!

Herrenvolk Hubris

Cummings, Trump, Bojo

Nacho Novo — now he is a whopper!

Daily Record desperate for positive SEVCO news

Wee ponytail on beard types

Mental Health stigma

Snapback hats


That is all for now, thanks for checking in.
*Please note Holywell Street offices will be open for the public to visit after lockdown, come along and see us!  Bring the fuck-it bucket from KFC at the Forge. Speak to Paul Kealy for further details.








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