It’s maself! That time again; pour yerself a drink, huddle round for the Friday IN and OUTs


The fella that owns the Brannigan Crisp Factory.


French Eddie.

‘I wanna be Edouard’ song.

The marvellous Angie Blunn.

The all time greats!

Asking folk if they want a beer or a thick ear!

Having a beer and a thick ear coz yer a greedy bassa!

The new Adidas Spezial range.

Chilled Peroni.

Multi personality disorders!

Hard Rock Cafe, good music, good scran.

Up and coming Liam gigs.

Kinning Park laughter with Stevie G.

Getting close to ski hat time.

Ten bacon rowellls!

Doing a massive Ring-a-Roses to 99 red balloons with yer buddy’s down the boozer.

Alpha Industries Polar Down Jacket.

Beef Hula-Hoops!



Danny Dyer in Eastenders with his invisible wheelbarrow!

The Bin-men leaving yer bin as the lids 5cm open!

The ‘I’m not a racist, I have a black friend’ comment.


Kid on hardmen, keyboard hero’s.

Compliant SEVCO lickspittle media articles.

People texting themselves whilst sitting opposite each other!

Sticky Buns.

Kinning Park Rowing Club.

Head-mash situations with head-mash people.

Black dug running wild in teens and every f**ker else!

The Sun newspaper.

The Daily Mail newspaper.

Anything by Meat Loaf especially that:  ‘I won’t do that’ song

That Simply Red song: ‘Lovvvve the thought … lovvvve the thought!’



That’s that then!  Love it or leave it, delete it, report it, avoid it or embrace it.  Have a decent weekend.  Switch off everything at night.

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