Ins and Outs from a Dentist waiting room

Time for some off-the-cuff Ins and Outs, it’s been a while but what else can you do while waiting to get a tooth out!


Calling people ‘Muckle Jessie’s’

The riot gear.

Richard Ashcroft, great man – great life.

Six Guinness and up the road.

The salad bar at Morrison’s

Saying ‘here/she is though’ to everyone that walks in the workplace

Being Jam Hat!

Speaking through your nose on a Conference Call.

Treble Treble

Vicky McClure

Starting a Jumbo Cord’s gang

Pickled onion crisps

Ready Salted Crisps with a pickled egg bombed in.

Pulling all yer wheelie bins out so you guess the right one.

Salt and pepper chip eating supporters.

Nick Stewart 70 and still cool.

Having senior friends called Elspeth.

Blocking right-wing cranks on Facebook.

Winning the pottery.

Green bras.

Galloway destroying Alan Sugar in a debate.




Flirty Florence’s.

Mental Health stigma 800: ‘decide to be joyful’

Herrenvolk Hubris attitude to life!

Salt and pepper’s lonely hearts club band.

People saying ‘so I got them told…’ when they told them fuck-all

The quote: ‘so a turned around and said’

Mr ‘Let’s Go’ Gerrard.


The price of a chippie

Hands up in the air songs like Angels – Robbie Williams.

Mental Health Stigma number 801: ‘eat more fruit’

Walking into cobwebs.

Anything ever uttered on The Apprentice

Anything ever uttered on Love Island.


That’s that for now!  Don’t take it serious!



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