Ins and Outs from an airport lounge, slightly cynical and dark in places.



Having a pal called ‘Yuckles’ 

Sparkling water.

The George & Pop song.

Brown Kickers and Burlington socks.

Neil Lennon keeping up good vibes.

Walking into a training course and shouting: ‘it’s maself’

A day on the booze with Paul Kealy.

Damien Quinn

Doing the moonwalk backwards into the workplace.

Watford beating Leicester.

Shelving Berocca.

Damien Quinn – Rebel Sunday’s.

Calling yer dog an arsehole.

Double dunting your Berocca.

Spraying yourself with every aftershave tester at the Airport Duty Free.

Harry Lauder – Stop yer tickin Jock.

Great pals – old and new.

James Forrest – great guy, great life.


The quote: ‘what’s for you won’t go by you’ 

The quote: ‘think positive thoughts and positive things will happen’

The quote, when talking about people who have recently passed away ‘they’ll be up there having a party’ in a better place kinda thang.

Any comment uttered on The Apprentice.

Stuck up kids.

Blokes that would hump the barbers floor!

The Black-Mutt.

Food tasting programmes ‘your dish is definitely missing something’ quotes.

Brendan Rodgers ‘my ball and I’m going home’ attitude to life.

Brendan Rodgers lying bassa.

Anything by Simply Red.

FB Snides throwing out fishing bait to attract wrong un’s.

Union Jack flag over the balcony on holiday type of buffoons.

*Disclaimer: it’s only a bit of lark*

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