Ins & Outs

Time to bring some ins and outs back into the fold.  What else is there to do on a wet Monday night in February?



Doing the agadoo whilst foo.

Asking folk if they want a beer or a thick ear?

Broony doing the Broony scoring in the last minute.

Kris Boyds wee face.

Double treble – treble treble.

The Specials new album.

Reading the Morning Star on the morning commuter train.

Steven Gerrard throwing his players under a bus.

Brendan’s big toothy smile.

Bacon fried in coconut oil.

Showaddy- without the –waddy.

Being cool.

Having older friends call Murial.

Ollie Burke.

Asking the Barman for a drink that all the young yin’s are having these days.

Tripping up lads with man-buns.

Tripping up fascists.

Doing the pogo to Yeke Yeke with yer buddies.

Speaking through yer nose on a conference call.

Getting a leg and a wing up the road after a day on the ale.


Terry Hall.

Saffiyah Khan.


The Classic Benetton Rugby Top.

Doing the Grand old Duke of York with Murial.


Drinking Apple Cider every morning through a straw.

Waxy Lemon – fascist roaster.

Last train whoppers.

Last bus whoppers.

Being wedged into a train surrounded by sevconians, rugger bugggers or squaddies.

Man Bun with long beard Hipster types.

Current Buns.

Walking into cob webs first thing in the morning.

People in the workplace asking ‘are you fuck-offee’ when asking if you want a coffee every ten minutes.

Beards, bellies, man buns, shit clobber.

Anything by Meat Loaf.

Black Mutt episodes.

Folk with a ‘price of a pint’ attitude to life.

The price of a chippie.



Charlie Nicholas.

Socks for fish.

Anyone on Love Island.

Property selling programmes. ‘We only have £350,000 to play around with’ type of folk.

Fish puss’ usually seen in the Kinning Park area.

Kinning Park Rowing Club.



Thanks for tuning in. Keep on Keeping on and things an that.



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