Uppers & Downers.

By Holywell Street 2nd December 2018



Saying ‘Double treble, treble treble’ ten times.

Calling people ‘Muckle Jessie’s’

The riot gear.

The salad bar at Morrison’s.

Being Jam Hat!

Fifty year old cashies.

Seven out of seven!

Vicky McClure 

Starting a Jumbo Cord’s gang 

Pickled onion crisps 

Salt and pepper chip eating supporters.

The new yellow Jacket by Albam.

Football lads camaraderie.

Blocking right-wing cranks on Facebook.

Winning the pottery.

Green bras.

Ryan Christie.


Stephen Yaxley – Lennon.

Aberdeen Ninja-Assasins.


Black Mutt visits at winter.


Flirty Florence’s.

Mental Health stigma 800: ‘decide to be joyful’

Herrenvolk Hubris attitude to life!

Steven ‘Wee Naisy’ Naismith the ninja assassin.

Folk still asking ‘are you fuckoffee?’ in the workplace.

The return of the community oddball. 

Saying Eh up.

Salt and pepper’s lonely hearts club band.

Right-wing cranks getting their buddies to message you to ask: ‘why block me’ 

Todays Linesman at Tynecastle.

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