Poetry in Motion


Last night I partied, till I was in a state
Drank so much, couldn’t walk straight
Made it home, God knows what way?
Lived for it then, dying today

Head is banging, stomach is sore,
Spent all morning on the bathroom floor
Thoughts of yesterday fading away
I try to picture, but no display

Flashbacks fragmented, I don’t recall
I know one thing, I had a ball
So party up and drink it down
Only stop when you hit the ground

Pockets are empty, cash is all spent
Had a few quid. Where has it went?
Overdo it, and you’ll be made to pay
Demons within that’ll last all day

Trying to sleep, my heads in a spin
Thought in my mind, the Devil will win
I say this now as I’ve said it before
No more booze for me anymore………….

J.J. Whelan


Some people will never give up
Others will always give in
We keep up the struggle
So the Devil won’t win

There’s always hurt or pain
Sometimes sorrow or shame
But please remember
Two days are never the same

Hold on to your hopes
And all of your dreams
Life’s never as bad
As it all may seem

Take some time to reflect
To ask yourself why?
And remember someone’s
Always worse off than you or I

A new day will dawn
But what will it bring
Life, health and happiness
The recipe of all good things

J.J. Whelan


Mind so full of thoughts
Car crash in my head
Toss and turn, try to sleep
Laying in my bed

Torturing my mind
Of heaven or hell
Pleasure or torment
Snow that’s never fell

Morning beams through
Filled with clouds of doom
These are all too transient
As we watch flowers bloom

A new day dawns
The dove takes flight
All too happy now
Masquerading with delight

Full moon enlightens sky
Day becomes night
Thoughts of slumber
My fear, darkness delight

J.J. Whelan


I got so drunk the other night
I travelled back in time
Reliving my early youth
Drinking tonic wine
Carefree days spent with my friends
In some wondrous places
Acid trips and drunken nights
With many familiar faces

I got so drunk the other night
I travelled forth in time
Grand kids and walking sticks
Now I’m past my prime
Days are spent in nursing homes
With many sorry faces
Drugs galore and restless nights
With countless midnight chases

I awake and now am sober
So glad its present day
No regrets now of my past
I enjoyed it in every-way
Time is spent now with my kids
To coach them along the way
Teach them, life’s not a trial
For to enjoy it every day.

J.J. Whelan

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