Friday Ins & Outs on HWS platforms only.

It’s been a while so let’s see what’s been IN and OUT this week. Feel free to message in any extras. Remember, it’s only a lark and not to be taken seriously.


Coxy on Radio Two

Pickled Onion — Golden Wonder

Necking a whole box of Go Ahead bars coz it says so

SEVVIE’s having meltdowns on Clyde Super Scoreboard.

Getting back into clubbing that finishes before midnight

Serg trackie tops for the summer

Fizzy water


It Started in the North Shop

Pinky out espresso drinking

Keep the Heid Club

Keep the Heid Club members

Arm wrestling yer cat

The Brannigan Crisp lorry driver

Doing the school run dressed as an Afghan Hound

Priya Sharma from Emmerdale

Shouting out: “er she/he is though!” to everyone entering the workplace.

Speaking through yer nose on a conference call.

Koyogo doing his thang

The all-time greats.

Having a Cirry oan

David Holmes

Brothers Jo’s Sonic Treasure

Cold Water Exposure

Big Ange

The Return of Dance Craze

Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss

Heaton wearing Adi Trekker Jacket

Weatherall’s 60th Tribute

99 red balloons full blast

Doing the pogo to Yeke Yeke with yer buddies

Asking folk if they want a beer or a thick ear!

Neuro Diversity

Johnny Marr being a Tim

Asking the Barman for a drink that awe the young yin’s drink these days.

Holywell Street Team

Self-development projects

Getting it right roon folk

Moving a chist ‘o’ drawers


Jamie Redknapp and his Sketchers advert … because he does wear them n that

Sun out but still freezing

Folk walking about airports still wearing those neck pillows

Property selling programs Blasé blaz ‘we only have £600k to play with’ types of folk

Sitting on a train next to SEVVIE’s, Squaddies or Rugger Buggers

Mental Health Socks-up Psychiatrists

The cost of living

A t-shirt saying ‘I don’t need to google’ plastered over the front!

Song Lyric ‘The eye of the tiger, Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me rooaaaar!’

Song lyric: “I didn’t think I was hungry til I tasted you”

The price of a chippie

The quote: “everything happens for a reason” cosmic forces crap!

The words “Holliebobs” and “Amazeballs”

My hollibobs was amazeballs

A student cafe in Manchester named ‘Nom Nom’

That Michael Beale adopting the SEVVIE supremacist outlook on life

January Joggers and January to March Gym Joiners

Last train whoppers

Last Bus whoppers

That’s that again for another week tho! It’s only a carry-on. Never let yer public down … spin them right round, like a record baby. Remember … mirror, signal, manoeuvre and on ye go. Switch everything off at night. Cheers now.

Holywell Street Towers is situated next to Celtic Park. Pop in and see us Monday to Friday or on a match day. Paul Kealy makes the best Jerk Chicken. Get Yersels roond.

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