Left leg in, left leg out…. in out in out Friday IN & OUT WOH! Gather roond …


Smashed Avocado.

Billy Campbell from Norn Iron (great player)

Turkey Hair and Turkey Teeth with an all inclusive

Aqua sun hat time!

Joy Division – Insight, full blast on iTunes.

Having auld pals called Elspeth and Airchie.

The amount of guys drinking Gin after getting tanked up on beer!

Twix Extra!

Paisley and Mac Jacket!

Friday feeling!

Birds singing.

Lois Navy Cords.

First warm sun in 6 months.

Adidas Athens

Buzzing off yourself in the mirror!

Gardening in the nak!

Rummaging around the attic and finding the original copy of the bible

Mick Lynch

Eddie Dempsey

Reading the bible in the bath.

Those Bounty Biscuits.

The meaning of rife!

Edwyn Collins singing L.O.V.E. love

Showaddy- without the –waddy

ITV showing XTC on ecstasy on BBC

Finding a tic tac on the bus

Filling all your ma’s shoes with mashed potato

Doing the school run dressed as an Afghan Hound

Fascists getting a bop on the nose.

Chicken Fried Rice!

CSC past and present.

Saying ‘thang’

Twatting anyone who says ‘bants’

Cameron Diaz as of when required.

Aff the sauce.

Aqua one day – Daks the next!

Swaggering doing the Liam walk into the Petrol station.

Celtic fans singing Grace!

Helping the homeless!

Helping old lady’s called Muriel across the road.

Holywell Street Towers


The cost of living.

Grant Snapps

Gary Barlow.

People blaming the ‘winny works’ for today’s society problems.

Depression stigma number 300 ‘eat fruit’ by I’m alright Jack!

Getting diagnosed with sleep apnea; but refusing to wear the Darth Vader mask.

The Daily Mail.

The whole of the Tory cabinet.

Standing in dog toffee.

Walking into cobwebs face first!!

Getting 3 hours kip.

SEVCO bringing out an orange strip.

People who don’t know the difference between ‘There’ ‘They’re and ‘Their’

Trying to open a bag of Granola!!

Students in ‘Stone Island’

Dickheads in Town who kick off after a stripe

The ‘My life is so perfect’ crowd on Facebook!

Nazi Hipsters.

Mental Health socks-up Psychiatrists

Black Mutt following.

Burn out!

Lonsdale footwear!

The neighbour shouting ‘gan Aldo!’ When yer hitting yer punch bag in the back garden!

Celtic fans demanding 5-0 results every week!

Saying ‘thingio an that ‘

Eating tic tacs on the bus

Ice Ice Baby!

Massive Beards, bellies, man buns, shit clobber!

Socks for fish.

Nephews chewing their faces!

Hearts Diet Bun, it’s as good as the real thang!

That’s awe the thangs for this week. Be kind to each other, hug yer brers. Have a beer or Crack a fascist on the ear!

Divint take it serious. Cheers Now. Eat yer porridge, eat yer greens. Look for peace and not excitement. Get into a Boxing Club. Block toxic folk.

Come and visit at Holywell Street and meet the team, bring awe yer mates.

*HWS Towers is situated at 95 Holywell Street, next to Celtic Park (see above) get yersel roond. Paul Kealy cooks Jerk Chicken at the office to perfection.

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