Paul Gallagher with Holywell Street

By Macaroon Bar 16 July 2022

Holywell Street have been catching up with Paul Gallagher the older brother to Liam & Noel. Paul has been giving us his musical opinions, influences and the bands he has worked with as well as his DJ experiences. Perfect for our football, Celtic, terrace scene and counterculture section.

Thanks for chatting to HWS Paul, how’s things with you?

Hi yeah, all good. Just siting in a freezer and avoiding the sunshine amongst other things.

We notice you seem to play a lot of new music, are you always looking at the present these days and looking for new bands?

Yeah, there’s a few reason’s why. In the past five years there has been an influx of amazing music that deserves to be heard and whatever reason the UK radio owners and beyond are obsessed with with ignoring new music and sticking to the old acts. Now, whether that is to do with demographics bullshit or the probability that they – the labels and publishers want another return on the music they have paid for years ago and are quite happy to ignore the new stuff – which they won’t see a return on it? Everything comes down to free money with rich folk. So I will play it!

I believe you had a radio slot with Islington radio? I tuned into Boogaloo radio when you had a slot, it was an education getting to hear bands that had perhaps bypassed me. Do you still do radio?

Yeah. I am on my own thing these days called RADIO SILENCE (because I obviously have nothing to say). It is subscription only or else I couldn’t do it as it’s time consuming delivering a two hour show every week.

How would you describe your musical upbringing and did you influence your younger siblings with that?

We grew up in an Irish house like most of my mates in Manchester. My father was an Irish Country & Western DJ, so the music was all around. And then when you hang out with your mates you hear different sounds and go from there and find your own path.

You are a photographer as well I believe?

Yeah, I think I’m in the most creative part of my life just now. I have no idea how things worked out, but they did. I just follow what I like and yeah, I do a few things to keep alive.

We are aware of your DJing career – it appears you travel to some obscure places, what music do you play?

It has been a bit of a roller-coaster. I am with Liam now and do his pre-shows which differ from playing in a club, so, you have to adaptable whatever you’re at. Thankfully it has been great.

What would you say was the best band you signed when looking back?

I didn’t sign many bands they were mostly publishing within Creation Records but I can name them – Own Lady Owner, Wireless, Super J Lounge

This could be tricky … your favourite five albums of all time are? …

I am not an album guy per se but if I’m pushed …

Odessa – Bee Gees

Universal Hall – The Waterboys

Sound Affects – The Jam

The Specials – The Specials

Pure Comedy – Father John Misty

How much was Irish music played in the family home growing up, would you say it was a big influence on you?

Not as much as contemporary music but it is all around and like everything else, I have mates who still play traditional.

Do you think Man City will retain the league, is there a period of domination for them?

Is this a trick question … of course YES and YES

Apart from the fact City are the best team in England do you miss the old ground and area instead of to the corporate structure?

We all need to move on I suppose. If we were still at Maine Road we wouldn’t have what we have now.

You and the brothers are also Celtic fans do you still make it up to many games. I know you came up in the ’90s even when things were not so great?

Yes. But I am done with all football stadia these days so the last game was Porto in 2021 Champions league final.

You were given a Celtic mug as a kid, did it all start from there?

Yeah, and of course we’re an Irish family also it’s a big thing innit?

What would your most memorable Celtic team?

Any team Jimmy Johnstone played in, I just remember seeing footage of him racing down the wing.

What do you think of Kyogo at Celtic?

Yes, he’s good. Let’s see what he does this season. They have to do it all again second is no good in Glasgow.

Do you and the family get over to visit Ireland as much?

Yeah, my mother has a house there and I get back when I can.

What bands are you listening to just now – do you still try and get to as many gigs to check out new bands?

A variety of genres I listen to. I can’t possibly name just one, two or even 10.

Are there any bands you would like to promote?

There are far too many great acts out there right now to single them all out, but, in the UK in 2022 then … Joe unkown, Holy Youth Movement, Noisy. In the USA it’s even harder but … Jaialai, Nick Leng, Kevin Morby, FJM , Nathaniel Rateliff, Curtis Harding, Anderson East, Gregory Porter. In Europe … The Liminanas.

Thanks for speaking to us Paul.

No worries.

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