Hogmanay Ins and Outs

Er it is though! New Year, same sh*#e, same shenanigans … In & Out shake it all about icw David Rosling productions …


Cold Water Exposure

Pizza vending machines.

Sacking alcohol

Bobby Gillespie’s book – Tenement Kid

Returning to Gabicci

Putting all yer wheelie bins out, instead of checking which one is due!

Sticking anything in the nearest wheelie bin!

Having a tomato as your only friend

Paddy the dog, great pet great life.

Paddy’s wee Celtic scarf

The amazing Fi Gal

Saying … Cheers now! instead of Happy New Year!

Joining the Easy Pleased Club

Building a shed made of Lard

Shouting out “er he/she is though” to everyone that walks into the workplace

Tam Yaffle

Ground Control to Major Tam Yaffle

Koyogo doing his thang

Weatherall’s 11 o’clock Drop

Having auld friends named Muriel

Remembering ‘how it used to be’

Smokey Robinson eating smokey bacon crisps

Doing the grand ole duke of York with Muriel

Getting caught singing ‘the smurf song’

Social distance brawls

Doing the school run dressed as an Afghan Hound

The esteemed Derek Monaghan

Hibernating til the next Celtic match!

All the Celtic Adidas gear

All the young dudes

Always mistaking fat people for each other.

Having a rebel blast

The ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey’ intro to Rasputin – Boney M.

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

Celtic’s three new signing from the land of sun

Omicron anagrams

Aldi’s middle aisle

Amazon Prime next day delivery

Pie and bovril fitba


Black Mutt January – Black Mutt Covid January

Getting anxious in the chippy queue

Boydy on Sky Sports; only there for a cirry oan

Folk saying “amazeballs”

Soup toasties

petit bourgeois attitude as life

Slice of gammon washed down with fash lite

slippin’ and a slidin’

Tory Bar-stewards.

Liberty takers!

Blokes chanting ‘wohohohohohoho’ at Christmas night out, on the dance floor.

Charles Manson attitudes to life

TV advertising funeral’s and divorce lawyers – Capitalism gone mad.

Lads doing press-ups, fag in mouth, to impress them ladies.

Saying, “I can’t wait for this year to be over”

The 10 second countdown to New Year

New Year – celebrating a change of digit when it’s the same old same old.

January Joggers

January Gym sign ups – cancelled in time for multiple Easter Egg consumption

Horizonal rain


SEVCO claiming bizarre European records

Hipsters thinking they invented style!

Five paragraphs of yadda yadda yadda

Whisky nose McCulloch

Peter Lawwell, Dermot Desmond.

Black Friday

COVID Christmas

That’s it for now. Divint take it serious. Cheers Now. Eat yer porridge, eat yer greens. Look for peace and not excitement. Get into a Boxing Club. Block toxic folk.

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre and on ye go. Keep on Keeping on!

Any complaints speak with Kealy, Blunn or Rosling

Come and visit at Holywell Street and meet the team, bring awe yer mates.

*HWS Towers is situated at 95 Holywell Street, next to Celtic Park (see below) get yersel roond.

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