Gentleman’s Club

By Holywell Street 9th February 2019


Going with more on our Terrace culture section, we’d like to welcome another contributor to the blog: Scouse Paul an Everton fan and avid connoisseur of his threads who shares a bit with us.

I’ve got to say, it’s always refreshing to know there are still many out there who share the same fervidness for clobber as myself. When these discussions start, it’s kind a like a secret Gentlemen’s club, all reminiscing over the old days. For me personally, it was never about how expensive your clobber was, but about standing out from the crowd, never following others and always looking for that new ‘must have’ label. You only have to look at your modern day footballer or garish celebrity these days to see money doesn’t buy you class, or indeed sartorial elegance…

I started to really get into the casual scene around 93, I was still wearing Reebock jumpers and Adidas trackys at the time but soon began to wear jeans, for one they made you look older (which was always an advantage when it came to attracting girls) plus they just looked better and much smarter. At the match when we moved specs from the Gwladys Street to the Paddock I started to take more notice of what all the older lads were wearing. It was all Lacoste jumpers and jeans with a little eagle on the back pocket. I still didn’t know what they were called at the time but knew I wanted a pair. I can still remember my dear Nanna when she took me shopping on my 14th Birthday and treated me to a Ralph Lauren shirt. I can still remember it now, it had a buttoned down collar with tiny Black & White checks. I loved that shirt as it always reminded of when I first enteted the realms of proper fashion. A few weeks later I started to save up my paper round money (a whole months’ worth) to buy a pair of Armani Jeans. Those jeans were like the ‘Holy Grail’ back then by ours and to own a pair was like a sort of statement of ‘one-upmanship’ with other lads. By this stage I was a full blown clothes-horse and the more gear I bought, the more I wanted…

I’d go to Wade Smith on a Saturday morning and spend hours just looking at all the these shirts and jeans and jumpers and scarfs and walking out wishing I had the money to buy all this stuff. The whole scene was a big motivation in my finding my first ever job as it goes. A few years later I managed to get my first job working in the ‘sorting office’ and would practically spend my entire wages on clothes. This unhealthy and very expensive obsession probably continued until my late 20’s. Obviously now I have other priorities and I haven’t got the disposable income to be buying £500.00 jackets anymore but that passion still remains and I’ll still try and treat myself when I can. I’m still the same now as I was when I was a teenager. Always looking to capture the zeitgeist with that unfound label, being that little bit different from the rest.


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